Back in the recording studio!!

Greetings!  It’s Cameron – I’m Caitlyn’s older sister for those whom I haven’t met.  I’m helping Cait with her website and blog since she’s been so busy ranching and singing! It’s calving season in the Rockies, and Caitlyn and Mom are hard at work with night-checks, cold calves, and getting all of the animals fed.  Caitlyn has finally talked everyone into turning bulls out later this year!  We’ve definitely had a good snow year, and early April doesn’t feel like a fun time to calve (especially when you’re a wet calf plopped out into the snow and wind).

In music news, Caitlyn got back down to record with Butch Hause at The Ranger Station before calving started. She is planning to release a new album sometime this year when she can get back down to Berthoud to finish recording! She has written several wonderful songs in the time since her last album, as any of you who have been able to catch her live will know.  My favorite is “Coping” and I can’t wait for her to be able to share it with you all! I couldn’t listen to her perform it without crying for several months.  One of my other favorites is “Always on the Drift” – Al Buerger, an amazing friend and cowboy wrote the lyrics as a poem, and he asked Caitlyn to write the music to turn it into a song.  I absolutely love the song (and Al’s poem), because it perfectly illustrates the constant pull to adventure that so many cowboys and cowboygirls feel (even if that means leaving everything you’ve built behind).  “Katy Snow” is wonderful, as well: a fast-paced murder story with a woman as the villain!  Caitlyn does an amazing job of performing it live, and it’s definitely a toe-tapper.

Stay tuned for more posts about the inspiration for some of Caitlyn’s songs and for news on her upcoming album!



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